New Technology at Olympic Village Eye Care!

We at Olympic Village Eye Care are excited to announce that our clinic now offers visual field testing! We are equipped with the newest technology in automated perimetry, the Humphrey Field Analyzer 3 from Zeiss.  Zeiss is a German based brand and a world leader in automated perimetry technology. This new model provides a streamlined and faster approach to visual field testing for enhanced patient comfort.

This device measures a patient’s response to light stimulation in an enclosed environment and maps their peripheral vision for scotomas, or blind spots. A visual field test is commonly used to diagnose and manage Glaucoma, as well as to detect neurological and retina abnormalities. The standard test focuses on the central 30 degrees of your visual field, as this is where a majority of issues arise. Repeated visual field testing is an inexpensive and non-invasive way to manage neurological diseases, as this technology can quickly analyze long-term changes in your visual function.

Patients with suspected or diagnosed visual conditions may receive MSP coverage for this exam. To qualify, you must be a BC resident and present a valid BC Care Card.